Facilitates video storytelling for change

Facilitating participatory video

Date:   20 and 21 December, 2017

Topic:  Facilitating participatory video storytelling in complexity

Number:  6 - 12 participants

The training will be very practical. It is learning by doing, doing, feedback, reflection and doing, feedback, reflection and doing. Read more about the method and its benefits >>> participatory video

Example participatory video process; Youngsters in Moldova


At the end of the training participants will have;

  • Knowledge about the process of participatory video and how jointly to develop a story;
  • Insight on where and how you can apply video storytelling in complex environments, where stories make the difference in creating value and impact;
  • New ideas and insights about filming and editing;
  • Insights on how to facilitate a participatory video making process.

Price:  € 495,- (excluding VAT)  If you book before the 27th November, 2017, you will get a reduction of € 50,-

Venue:  Around Utrecht area, The Netherlands

Trainer:   Simon Koolwijk,   Read about Simon Koolwijk

For more information, download  Facilitating participatory video storytelling 20-21 December, 2017



Video storytelling at IAF - MENA Conference

On the 8th and 9th October, 2016 Simon Koolwijk conducted a workshop Video Storytelling at the Conference for the International Association of Facilitators Middle East, Africa and Europe. With the facilitation of Simon, the group compiled a ten minute video story telling on how to add value as a facilitator to a client. When the video was showed to the conference attendees at the final plenary it generated a lot of laughter and fun.  As one participants phrased 'This video shows and summarizes what Facilitative Leadership is about'. 

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Reference Quote

Increased safety and attention for girls helped to raise their school results!

During a midterm evaluation at schools in Ethiopia girls expressed at video that they felt more safe at their schools after the school constructed seperate toilets for the girls as part of the social accountability process. Their school rates improved due to the increased safety and the attention for the girls. When this video was watched and shared at the community dialogue, it raised awareness with the stakeholders that safety is an important condition for learning."