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Video production

In case you do not have the time or the capacity to document a promotional announcement, an instructional vdeo, an event, a story or interview, you can outsource the video development. During the initial stage time will be invested in joint story development. Facili2transform will do the shooting and the editing. It will be the clients role to give feedback before the video is finalized. Depending on the complexity of the video, Facili2transform cooperates with other video makers and animation specialists.

Watch one of Facili2transform's video productions implemented for Partos, showing an announcement and teaser for a series of webinars about 'Innovation in lobby and advocacy'.

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Taster Workshops at the Nedworc Annual Gathering

The Nedworc Association, a network organisation for professionals in development cooperation, organized on the 17th May, 2017 at their Annual gathering  a round of taster workshops to stay updated with new developments in International Development Cooperation. Watch the video to see the impressions and views of that meeting. The video was filmed and produced by Simon Koolwijk.   

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Reference Quote

Grasping the core of the themes!

It was fascinating to see how Simon managed to grasp the core of the themes. Moreover, his way of working was very pleasant and informal, which made people feel at ease, even though they were filmed. And last but not least we are very happy with the quality of his films. Lucia Helsloot, Programme manager sustainable development.