Better process and results


Better process and results by measuring and analyzing behavior change and facilitating planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning

Facili2transform aims to support its clients to have a  better process and improved results by assisting them to measure and analyze behavior change and facilitate the process of planning, monitoring and evaluation.  For this I apply techniques such as the COM-B Model (Capabilities, Opportunities, Motivations and Behavior Change) and PME models such as the Theory of Change, Outcome Mapping and the Business Canvas. 

Clients and target groups

Facili2transform aims to enable professionals (monitoring & evaluation experts and officers) and organizations who take a leading role in promoting diversity, equality, fair distribution of resources, nature, biodiversity to obtain tools, that will help them to do more effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning which eventually will contribute to better results and social impact.

Facilitator, trainer, evaluator and filmcoach
With passion I guide processes and projects (especially with behavior change components), where organizations and people with a shared interest learn, meet, strengthen and deepen their relationships, reflect and jointly build strategies. My role is to guide this process through group facilitation, training, evaluation and coaching. In doing so, if there is additional value,  film is used as a learning tool to capture and measure behavior change. Filmmaking is a process that increases awareness, encourages and deepens dialogue and helps to accelerate change. In case film does not provide additional value, I provide research and group facilitation aiming to achieve a better process and better results.

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My clients are aiming to promote diversity, equality, ecology and environment and are willing to take a leading role in contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I strongly support ideas of the movements #shifthappens and #savetheplanet.  


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Mid-term review social accountability in Sierra Leone and evaluation humanitarian response program in Nigeria

Between February and April, 2019, I conducted two evaluations in Western Africa. The first one was a mid-term review (MTR) assessing the Theory of Change (ToC) of a Social Accountability and Building Inclusion program taking place nationwide in Sierra Leone. 

This MTR was followed by an evaluation of a humanitarian response program in the north-east of Nigeria. There the impact and results were assessed of an ‘unconditional cash program’ and an intervention preventing the malnourishment of children. Both interventions aimed to help marginalized groups and internally displace people (IDPs), who had suffered from food shortages and civil war in the north-east of Nigeria. Facili2transform is committed to further implement similar evaluations in 2019 and 2020.

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Stories have impact!

Student drop out rates declined, teachers behaviour became more disciplined, students became more responsible and student rates increased dramatically at the Debre Work Junior School, Ethiopia, due to the social accountability process. Because this story was recorded and told through a participatory video making process and presented at a stakeholder dialogue meeting, the dialogue that followed made the government to decide to avail substantial budgets and support for other schools in the region to implement the social accountability process.