Facili2transform aims to support its clients to have; 

Insight and deeper understanding in complex processes, by listening to and capturing unheard people's stories, through goal-free listening, storytelling, (online) participatory video and visual impact assessment and evaluation;

Better process by having more effective meetings, significant learning and understanding, better team spirit and performance through (online) facilitation, knowledge exchange and training;

Improved results by having deeper insights and understanding of complex issues, improved relationships, raised awareness and better team performance.

We offer our services and courses online. Participants undergo an experience, that is very similar to the face-2-face experience.  Our courses are practical, interactive and we put People First and Make Time for People.

Facili2transform is led and managed by Simon Koolwijk. Simon is (online) facilitator, evaluator using visual methods, trainer, filmcoach and filmmaker of fiction and non-fiction movies. Simon has more than 25 years international work experience and has worked in more than 25 countries around the world. Watch an example of Simon's work, the making of "Listening to voices of refugees" - 2021. For more videos watch participatory video interventions. 

Clients and target groups

Facili2transform aims to enable professionals with a passion/ interest for visual storytelling (project managers, monitoring & evaluation experts and officers, thematic experts on WASH, health, gender & diversity, climate change, food security, business etc...) and organizations to obtain tools, that will help them to gain deeper insight in complex processes, better results and social impact. Facili2transform's clients are aiming to promote diversity, equality, ecology and environment and are willing to take a leading role in contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Upcoming online events and training

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Reference Quote

Simon's main skill is to be 'invisible', but still being present in helping groups to harvest results

I know Simon Koolwijk as a learning, facilitation and evaluation expert in Train the Trainer programs and Curriculum Development. He assisted in setting up a Trainers Team for a multiyear program in 6 countries in the Western Balkans. Staff from the NGO in the Netherlands as well as local staff from the NGOs from the 6 countries were trained. I also know Simon Koolwijk as a facilitator in Strategy Processes, in which his in my opinion important main skill is to be ‘invisible’, and yet has the ability to harvest a lot of results and make people at ease and comfortable in the interaction.

Rita van Keulen, IUCN