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About Simon Koolwijk

My name is Simon Koolwijk.  I am running the small scale social enterprise Facili2transform.

With passion I guide processes and projects (especially with behavior change components), where organizations and people with a shared interest learn, meet, strengthen and deepen their relationships, reflect and jointly build strategies. My role is to guide this process through (online) group facilitation, training, evaluation and coaching. In doing so, if there is additional value,  film is used as a learning tool to capture and measure behavior change. Filmmaking is a process that increases awareness, encourages and deepens dialogue and helps to accelerate change. In case film does not provide additional value, I provide research and group facilitation aiming to achieve a better process and better results.


1992 - 1995:  Fundraiser and monitoring, evaluation and learning consultant for Institute of Cultural Affairs-Kenya in Kenya

1996 - 1997: Trainer/ consultant facilitation and facilitation methods - Institute of Cultural Affairs International

1997 - Present:  Facili2transform, (online) facilitator, trainer, film and participatory video coach and evaluator applying visual methods.

Watch video with Simon Koolwijk about the training video for monitoring and evaluation:   

Main clients
Academy of Caring Economics; Arbeiter Samariter Bund Greece; Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC); Association of Waarschippers; Challenge Fund for Youth Employment; Christian Aid; CTA - Assistance in Agriculture; Ethiopean Social Accountability Program; European Union (EEAS); Forest Steward Council (FSC); Global Integrity; Handicap International;   ICCOenKerkinActie; IUCN; Province of Frysland/ Interreg Europe; Kulika Uganda;  National Deaf Children's Society; Nedworc Association; ReflACTION; VNG International; United Nations; Welthungerhilfe; Witteveen + Bos; World Bank; World House Wetten and many other project organisations. 
Country Experience:
Albania; Armenia; Belarus;  Benin; Belgium; Bosnia; Croatia;  Czech Republic; Egypt; Ethiopia; Germany;  France; Georgia; India; Kenya; Macedonia; Moldova; The Netherlands; Nigeria; Palestine (West Bank); Romania; Slovakia; Sierra Leone; South Africa; South Sudan; Uganda; Ukraine; Zambia.


Participatory video in South Sudan - The role of crisis-affected people in decision-making in humanitarian aid

During the month of October, 2019 I conducted  participatory video interventions in two communities in South Sudan. The main aim was to visualize the role of crisis-affected people in decision-making in humanitarian aid. The video below visualize the making off process of this PV intervention.in Nyinbuoli. 

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Reference Quote

The videomaking provided us an opportunity to represent ourselves!

I have met Simon almost 7 years ago while I was in high school. The great opportunity at that time was learning from the international trainers and their experience on how to build and maintain together the community. Step by step we got closer to the subject of filmmaking, In this way  it gave us the opportunity to represent ourselves and show our contribution to the society we belong to. Simon has been leading the group of young people by giving his great ideas and support in order to produce and harvest the best pieces of our daily activity through the camera lens
Anna Braghis, Freelance journalist, PR writer