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Video storytelling for monitoring and evaluation

Date: 10 - 11 December, 2020 (Registration closes 31st October, 2020).  Download brochure

Other dates:   6 - 7 July, 2021  (Deadline registration 31st May, 2021)

Topic:  How to translate a story to a video - Storytelling by video and how to use it for monitoring and evaluation

Number:  4 - 10 participants


How to translate a story to a video? How do you apply video for monitoring and evaluation? How to do storycollection? What are the right monitoring and evaluation questions for a video production?  What are the characteristics of an effective story? How do you develop a story board? What are suggestions for shooting? How to do basic editing? During this training participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills on how to make a short video story of two - five minutes and will gain insight on how to use these stories for monitoring and evaluation. Participants will be asked to bring their own camera and laptop, so that they can become familiar with their own equipment and immediately apply their lessons after the training. The training will be very practical. It is based on the principles of action learning. 'Doing, doing, reflection, getting feedback and doing, reflection and feedback.'


At the end of the training participants will have gained:

  • Knowledge and skills on how to translate a story of change in a video;
  • Knowledge about good and less successful examples of videos;
  • Knowledge and ideas on how to apply video productions for monitoring, evaluation and learning in projects;
  • Knowledge and skills on how to develop a script or a storyboard;
  • Tips and suggestions about shooting, basic camera techniques and sound;
  • Knowledge and skills about basic editing and how to develop a video story of 2 - 5 minutes.

Price:  € 595,- (excluding VAT).  If you book before 1st September, 2020 you will get € 50,- reduction

Venue:    Kontakt der Kontinenten,  Amersfoortsestraat 20, 3769 AS Soesterberg, The Netherlands

For more information, download. Training Video for Monitoring and Evaluation 10 - 11 December, 2020





Video for monitoring and evaluation - October 2018

From 25th - 26th October, 2018 Facili2transform (Simon Koolwijk) conducted the training Video for Monitoring and Evaluation. During the training participants gained skills on how to apply video for the monitoring and evaluation of projects.  Watch the video with impressions from participants and the trainer Simon Koolwijk. The video is a joint production of both participants and the trainer. Watch: 

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Reference Quote

The videomaking provided us an opportunity to present ourselves!

I have met Simon almost 7 years ago while I was in high school. The great opportunity at that time was learning from the international trainers and their experience on how to build and maintain together the community. Step by step we got closer to the subject of filmmaking, In this way  it gave us the opportunity to represent ourselves and show our contribution to the society we belong to. Simon has been leading the group of young people by giving his great ideas and support in order to produce and harvest the best pieces of our daily activity through the camera lens
Anna Braghis, Freelance journalist, PR writer