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Facilitating Remote Participatory Filmmaking in times of Covid-19
Tuesday, 26th October, 2021 or Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021,  3 – 5 pm, CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels), online, Facilitated by Simon Koolwijk

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk experimented with and facilitated on behalf of ReflACTION a remote participatory filmmaking process from their homes. Refugees living in Germany, Turkey and Uganda were guided in filming and interviewing themselves on how the Covid-19 epidemic had impacted their lives. In 2021 this process was continued with two refugee settlements in Greece. Remote participatory video is becoming now common practise as part of doing monitoring and evaluation on a remote way.

Simon will share one of the documentaries and facilitate an interactive virtual workshop discussing the lessons from one of the documentaries and on how the process can be and was facilitated. The maximum number of participants will be 40 people

Participation is free of charge. Please register by sending an e-mail to  Simon Koolwijk,  faccom@xs4all.nl or register at  Event Brite 26th October, 2021 and/ or Event Brite 3rd November, 2021.

5-day online training Video / photo-voice for remote monitoring and evaluation: 3rd - 7th January, 2022

Both video and photo-voice are excellent tools to collect 'most significant change stories'. The corona crisis has created new opportunities in doing monitoring and evaluation on a different way. During this five-day online training (daily online meeting 9.30 - 12.30 CET, except first two days it will take to 15.00 CET)  participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills on how to do remote video/ photo-voice storytelling and how to use it for monitoring and evaluation. During the training participants will practise with a monitoring and evaluation case study and will produce a short video of two - five minutes.  Participants will film, edit and get feedback on their video / photo-voice story.  Read more >

5-day online training Facilitating Remote Participatory Video for monitoring and meaningful advocacy, 13th - 17th December, 2021

This five-day online training (daily online meetings 10.00 - 13.00 hrs CET) gives you an introduction to the basics of remote participatory video. During this five day training you will experience and learn on how to co-create a video story with a group and on how to apply it for monitoring and evaluation purposes. During the training a topic with complexity, will be further explored and translated into a story, The training will end with a final screening.  Read more >



Online projection film 'Adapting to the Pandemic' by the participants of the training Remote Participatory Video

From 12 - 16 April, 2021 four participants working with NGOs or private companies, participated in the training Remote Participatory Video. The 5-day online training was conducted by Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk. As completion of the course, on the 6th May, 2021,  the 12-minute participatory video 'Adapting to the Pandemic' was shown and shared with an audience of 30 participants coming from the organisations, where the participants were working. During the 2-hour online session the benefits, learnings and possibilities were shared amongst the participants. 

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Reference Quote

Simon is engaged and helps clients to transfer a deeper meaning into the video messages

We worked with Simon Koolwijk to produce a short introduction video for the Open Academy of Caring Economics. Simon is an engaged filmmaker who supports his clients from the storyboard up to the film editing to show and to transfer the deeper meaning into their message.

Thera van Osch, Director  Open Academy of Caring Economics