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Translate a story to a video - 21st and 22nd June, 2018

How to translate a story into a video? During this training participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills on how to make a short video of two minutes.   Read more >


Facilitating participatory video - 28th and 29th June, 2018

This training gives you an introduction to the basics of participatory video. During the two day training you will experience and learn on how to co-create a video story with a group. Read more >



Kino Dynamique in Vienna
From 14th up to 21st August, 2017 I participated in the Kinokaberet of Kinodynamique in Vienna, Austria. During this week  around 50 filmmakers and actors came together to make short movies. I participated in four movie productions.  For three I did cinematography and for two the editing. Watch the short film Release for which I did the camera. The story is about loss and the process of going through the sadness.  Watch;

Finally, I directed with my team the movie ‘Harmony on Holidays’.  The film deals about a couple, where the harmony in their relationship is challenged during a holiday in Vienna.  Below a photo of one of the takes during the filming.

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Stories have impact!

Student drop out rates declined, teachers behaviour became more disciplined, students became more responsible and student rates increased dramatically at the Debre Work Junior School, Ethiopia, due to the social accountability process. Because this story was recorded and told through a participatory video making process and presented at a stakeholder dialogue meeting, the dialogue that followed made the government to decide to avail substantial budgets and support for other schools in the region to implement the social accountability process.