Colored markers

Order colored markers/ Price 72.50 Euro per box of markers (including VAT)
Each of these colored markers have a particular smell. Because of the smell and the diversity of colors, many participants will remember this experience after having gone through a training.

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Video storytelling at the IAF - MENA Conference

On the 8th and 9th October, 2016 Simon Koolwijk conducted a workshop Video Storytelling at the Conference for the International Association of Facilitators Middle East and Europe. With the facilitation of Simon, the group compiled a ten minute video story telling on how to add value as a facilitator to a client. When the video was showed to the conference attendees at the final plenary it generated a lot of laughter and fun.  As one participants phrased 'This video shows and summarizes what Facilitative Leadership is about'. 

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Citizens are not afraid anymore ! The videos have strengthened our belief that the changes should be sustained.

Citizens are not afraid anymore to demand for their entitlements about the quality of health service delivery to the doctors/ service providers. Doctors/ service providers became better listeners and are open to communicate with the service users about their needs and wishes. The quality of the health services have considerably improved during the past year! The video has enabled us to express on what we have been going through in the past year and it has strengthened our belief that the communication and accountability process between service providers and service users should be sustained. 

Citizen - Ethiopian Social Accountability Program Phase 2