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Winners Participatory video Awards Ethiopian Social Accountability Program
In March, 2017 the Ethiopian Social Accountability Program organized the finals of the participatory video (PV)  award competition for organisations who applied PV for social accountability purposes in 2016. The participatory video interventions were applied to evaluate the progress and the sustainability of the social accountability process. This process enabled stakeholders to share their successes and build their confidence in the implementation of this process. The competition was won by LIA in the Intermediate category and YMCD in the A category.  The most creative video was produced by pv intervention of the the Guraghe Development Association.  All organisations were trained and guided between 2013 and 2015 by Facili2transform to obtain the skills in participatory video.  It was already the third time, the ESAP2 organised this competition since the trainings started in 2013. This time Facili2transform was participating as member of the jury in giving feedback for learning purposes to the participating organisations.   Watch the video of LIA, winner in the B- category.

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Citizens are not afraid anymore! The videos have strengthened our belief that the changes should be sustained!

Citizens are not afraid anymore to demand for their entitlements about the quality of health service delivery to the doctors/ service providers. Doctors/ service providers became better listeners and are open to communicate with the service users about their needs and wishes. The quality of the health services have considerably improved during the past year! The video has enabled us to express on what we have been going through in the past year and it has strengthened our belief that the communication and accountability process between service providers and service users should be sustained.  Citizen - Ethiopian Social Accountability Program Phase 2