Better process and results

For who?

My clients are passionate about the themes of diversity, fair and equal treatment, nature, ecology, sustainability and biodiversity. They want to share stories and inspire people to make our world a sustainable and livable world.

They are:
Professionals who work in communication, media, education, project management or monitoring & evaluation for organizations that want to take a leading role in achieving Social Development Goals (SDGs)


Organizations that aim to promote cooperation between partners and thereby accelerate social change.

These are the professionals or organizations with whom I work;

  • I work with professionals or organizations who believe;
  • That meaningful stories make the difference in the dialogue;
  • That people want to be heard, need a listening ear and want to feel that they matter in the organization.
  • That a good process leads to a better atmosphere, better cooperation and that in the long term leads to better results.

Do you recognize this?

I am practical and result oriented. All services are aimed at making you to apply the lessons and skills during and after the meeting, workshop or training. My services are structured on such a way, that it stimulates creative thinking and helps to build confidence in getting more meaningful cooperation.

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Bookpresentation 'Learning in times of Apps, Likes and Tweets'

On the 13th October, 2016 Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar from En Nu Online presented their new book 'Learning in times of Apps, Tweets and Likes'. Simon Koolwijk filmed this event and composed a short video. Watch;

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Reference Quote

Simon's intervention enabled our local counterparts to continue videomaking in his absence!

I had the pleasure of working with Simon on VNG International projects in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Simon developed complete participatory video trainings for us: from training materials to actually conducting the trainings including a training-of-trainer component to enable our local counterparts to continue video making in his absence. Sofie Dreef, project manager at VNG International/ Berenschot