Facilitates video storytelling for change

For who?

My clients are passionate about communicating powerful visual stories, that make a difference

They are:

Professionals working in communication, media, education, project management or monitoring & evaluation


Organisations aiming to enhance cooperation amongst partners and to create social change

These are the professionals or organisations I work with

I work with professionals or organisations, who belief;

  • That visual stories make a difference in dialogue;
  • That visual storytelling is powerful, if it is bottom-up facilitated and provides citizens a platform to share and tell their stories;
  • That local capacity can be developed in visual storytelling by using low-cost based equipment;
  • That stories are as powerful or even more powerful than data in creating social change;
  • That stories are a strong communication tool to visualize results and communicating the mission of an organization;
  • That visual storytelling is a tool, that can influence policymakers.

Do you recognize this?

My clients would like to develop a system of visual storytelling;

  • But do not have yet clear ideas and tools on how to facilitate this;
  • They see the benefit of sharing these stories, but do not yet have clear on how to communicate and disseminate this;
  • They do not have the basic skills yet on how to develop a visual story;
  • They like to make use of low-cost equipment in developing visual stories and would like to build local capacity;
  • Only if needed and appropriate, to outsource the story development to an outsider or to have this done in cooperation with a professional videomaker.

My services and trainings are appropriate for?

  • My services and trainings are appropriate and excellent for professionals, who want to master the basic skills in visual storytelling and video making and who would like to embed it in their monitoring & evaluation and communication strategy.
  • I am practical and result oriented. All services are aimed at making you to apply the lessons and skills during and after the training. My services are structured on such a way, that it stimulates creative thinking and building confidence in getting out powerful stories.

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Bookpresentation 'Learning in times of Apps, Likes and Tweets'

On the 13th October, 2016 Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar from En Nu Online presented their new book 'Learning in times of Apps, Tweets and Likes'. Simon Koolwijk filmed this event and composed a short video. Watch;

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Reference Quote

Simon's intervention enabled our local counterparts to continue videomaking in his absence!

I had the pleasure of working with Simon on VNG International projects in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Simon developed complete participatory video trainings for us: from training materials to actually conducting the trainings including a training-of-trainer component to enable our local counterparts to continue video making in his absence. Sofie Dreef, project manager at VNG International/ Berenschot