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Impact assessment and evaluation

Facili2transform conducts impact assessments and evaluations of social-economic and development based projects. Facili2transform works on a structured and participatory way aiming to assess behavior change, relevance,  program efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of projects involving all relevant actors.

Simon Koolwijk, owner of Facili2transform, is an experience teamleader, facilitator and evaluator having a broad network of local evaluators in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Facili2transform’s added value and uniqueness in evaluations is;
  • More than 25 years’ experience in international development;
  • Excellent report writing skills, using visuals such as photos and infographics;
  • Connections and a broad network with evaluators in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia;
  • The participatory approach using methods such as focus group discussions, semi structured interviews, appreciative inquiry, outcome harvesting and most significant change;
  • Know-how of digital tools such as survey monkey to collect and analyze data;
  • Engaging all relevant actors in lesson learning and collecting input for recommendations;
  • Solid interview techniques to capture stories of change;
  • Developing solid qualitative baseline assessments, which are used for reference and dialogue in mid-term and final evaluations;
  • Capacity to conduct organizational assessments, as part of programmatic evaluations;
  • Know-how and capacity to apply (participatory) photography or video in discussions, dialogue and lesson learning;
  • Know-how of the COM-B model (Capabilities, Opportunities, Motivations - Behavior) to capture, measure and analyze behavior change.
Simon conducted in partnership with local evaluators, impact assessments, mid-term reviews and evaluations in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya,  Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Sudan), Western Europe (The Netherlands, France and Germany),  Eastern Europe (Armenia, Moldova and Georgia), Middle East (Egypt and Palestine) and Asia (India).
Simon is specialized in conducting impact assessments and evaluations  in the domains of;
  • Gender and diversity
  • Climate change, bio-diversity and environment
  • Social accountability and good governance
  • Social services, eg.  health care, education, agriculture, water and sanitation
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Mid-term review social accountability in Sierra Leone and evaluation humanitarian response program in Nigeria

Between February and April, 2019, I conducted two evaluations in Western Africa. The first one was a mid-term review (MTR) assessing the Theory of Change (ToC) of a Social Accountability and Building Inclusion program taking place nationwide in Sierra Leone. This program aims to improve the quality of public service provision (health, education and water supply) by involving citizens. During the evaluation more than 200 actors were interviewed about the progress of the project. 
This MTR was followed by an evaluation of a humanitarian response program in the north-east of Nigeria. There the impact and results were assessed of an ‘unconditional cash program’ and an intervention preventing the malnourishment of children. Both interventions aimed to help marginalized groups and internally displace people(IDPs), who had suffered from food shortages and civil war in the north-east of Nigeria.

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Reference Quote

Work done on a well organized way, within a limited timeframe!

Simon was hired by us to carry out an evaluation of an emergency response program in Nigeria. Time and resources for the evaluation were limited, but Simon managed to get the work done within the given time frame and he was able to produce a good qualitative report about the results achieved in the programme. Simon is well organised. As a professional facilitator he knows which methodology to use to get the information he requires to answer the clients questions. We will certainly use him again for similar assignments and recommend him to others.
Wilfried van Schasfoort
Director Fair and Sustainable