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Before you take the decision to master the skills in video story telling, it is good to ask yourself the following questions:

If you would like to master the skills on how to translate a story to a video, read;

Public training:  Translate a story to a video

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The Tour of 12 Provinces, The Netherlands, 432 km in one day

In July 2018 around 80 cyclists cyled the Tour of 12 Provinces in The Netherlands. From 0.00 hrs at night, the cyclists travelled 432 kilometers through 12 Provinces of The Netherlands.
Read more about this cycling tour which is organized annualy at  http://rondevan12.nl/
Together with  Leonie van den Schoor and Vida Skornsek we filmed this one day tour. Watch:

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I have started using the video content in our M & E system!

With Simon's exerted efforts and recommendations, I have started using the video content in the M & E systems of our organization. He is a highly motivated individual who works well on his own or in a team, with exceptional communication skills and ability to train PV in a creative manner. Gebrye Kefelew, ASFR