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Videocast interview Elfatih Atem, trainer participatory video, South Sudan

Elfatih Atem is filmmaker and participatory video trainer and expert living and coming from South Sudan. In 2015, Simon Koolwijk and Alfath Atem jointly conducted two trainings on participatory video for government officials in Equatorial State, South Sudan, working on Water Sanitation and Health. Six teams, working in different regions of Equatorial State conducted participatory video interventions after the first PV training and gained some useful and interesting results. In this videocast Atem and Simon share some experiences on how the PV intervention impacted  and benefitted the program. Currently, Atem is still conducting participatory video interventions with various humanitarian organisations in South Sudan.

Videocast client interview of Simon Koolwijk conducted by IMA International

In this videocast Simon Koolwijk shares his experience with participatory video and why and how it can make a difference in complex development interventions. The interview was conducted by IMA International. 

Start partnership with IMA International

In 2022, we have started a partnership with IMA International. IMA International is an international development consultancy, that is offering consultancy, training and facilitation to organisations and professionals in international development. We will offer our first joint course in 2022.  Registrations are already open.  Register here. IMA developped an animation video showing the process of participatory video.

Overview of 2021 and looking forward to 2022

With pleasure we are looking back at the year 2021. We completed three participatory video interventions online. One with ASB Greece, on the life of refugees in the settlements in Greece. Another intervention we completed with IFHV and VENRO and hosted under the umbrella of the academy for humanitarian action (aha). There we trained online 10 humanitarian aid professionals from six countries in participatory video. A third participatory video intervention was done and completed with the Laboratory Department of the UMC Hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands focused on team buidling. In addition, we held and completed two online courses in Remote Participatory Video having participants from 5 countries. Already two of them, implemented a participatory video intervention with their organisations. One shared and showed a participatory film about young people living with disabilities in Kenya at one of our two filmfestivals. In addition, we organised 4 webinars. Five clients shared their experiences in a videocast on the impact and results of the participatory video interventions, we held with them. Two of our films were selected at two international festivals. The drama film ' The mysterious disappearance of the farmer's wife' was screened at the Toronto Multicultural Festival in Canada and the dance film ' Secret' was nominee and screened at the Diorama Film Festival in Delhi, India.  

In the beginning of 2022, we will start a partnership with IMA International. IMA International is an international development consultancy, that is offering consultancy, training and facilitation to organisations and professionals in international development. We will offer our first joint course Remote Participatory Video on 22, 23, 24 February and 8, 9 March, 2022. Registrations are already open. If you are eagerly interested, be fast, since it is a popular course. Register here.

We are looking forward to see you in 2022 at one of our events and/ or work together jointly on a next participatory video intervention or training. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosporous 2022!

One-to-one training in Remote Participatory Video

In December 2021, I completed together with Nuria Gaeta, the 5-day online training in remote participatoryvideo and video for monitoring and evaluation.  We jointly worked on storydevelopment, shooting, interviewing and editing. 

Nuria happily shared her experience; It´s been an inspiring one-to-one training on Remote ParticipatoryVideo for Monitoring and Evaluation by Facili2Transform. Amazed about the power of video making and storytelling to learn from and to empower users and aid workers/managers, to increase the visibility of the aid organizations´ work, and to advocate for our cause. We all know, reports are boring, and in most cases, remain on the shelves without a proper organizational learning. VIDEO HUMAN STORIES uplift users, touch emotions and help to emphatise with the people we work for... All this in only a 8-minutes movie!!! Just love it!!!

Simon Koolwijk, you´re a wonderful facilitator, great film maker, and you´ve been very generous sharing your knowledge and insights about the PV process. Hope to see you remotely or in person soon.

Apart of the training itself, I am taking with me a great gift, a mind-blowing video of a third culture kid, my son, sharing the transition from his life in Uganda to Spain. Deeply grateful to my son for his participation in the video and the openness in his answers.

Participation at panel of the Diorama Filmfestival, India

I had the pleasure to participate in a panel forum of the Diorama Filmfestival. Together with 5 other colleagues, I was able to talk about the dance film 'Secret', which was selected for the Diorama Film Festival. The festival took place from 18 - 24 December, 2021 in Delhi, India.  

Videocast client interview with Axel Schmidt, Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB)

In December 2021, I conducted a videocast with Axel Schmidt, Emergency Response and Training Coordinator working at the headoffice of the Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB). Axel is an enthousiastic promoter of participatory video. ASB Greece implemented between January - June 2021 a participatory video intervention in two refugee settlements of Greece. Axel shares his experience on how his participation in a PV intervention with refugees in Rhinocamp, Uganda, motivated him to convince his colleagues to apply it in one of the regional programs of ASB. The participatory video intervention, that followed in Greece, gave the organisation a lot of valuable insights, lessons and behavior change on how to support refugees in building resilience in times of humanitarian assistance.

Stories of Transformation - Online Mini Film Festival

On the 25th November, we had an inspiring online festival on participatoryvideo having 42 visitors from different parts of the world. Corinna Philpott and Washington Sati shared a beautiful film made by deaf young people in Kenya showing on how they empowered themselves and created job opportunities. Dirk R Frans (PhD) shared a short film about a water and natural resource management project in Afghanistan. In just 6 minutes he was able to show the complexity of a nature restoration project, which can hardly be explained in a written report. The festival was closed with the making of a participatory video intervention with refugees living in two settlements in Greece. Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk shared on how they facilitated this process, supported by the stories from Hawa Emma, Axel Schmidt and Xemi Bozini. It was a great event. We welcome more PV makers, who like to share their stories or films, when we host and organize an online mini festival on participatory video. 

Videocast client interview with Corinna Philpott, MEAL advisor and Washington Sati, PV facilitator

In November, 2021,  a videocast client interview was held with Corinna Philpott, advisor Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning at Deaf Child Worldwide and Washington Sati, Deaf Consultant and Participatory Video facilitator. They share their story on how a participatory video intervention was implemented with deaf young people in Kenya. Corinna followed in April, 2021 the course Remote Participatory Video with Facili2transform and directly after the training, she started to implement her lessons learned. She got in contact with Washington and together they developed and implemented the participatory video intervention. The young deaf people were excited to participate in this project and we able to share their experiences and progress, they had made in the last couple of years in the project. They had gained more confidence, and employers had gained more awareness on how to communicate and work with deaf young people. Watch this interesting videocast where Corinna and Washington share their story. 

Voices – Online Training in Remote Participatory Video

At the end of October/ early November ’21, humanitarian professionals from Germany, Kenya, Somalia, Serbia, Iraq and Turkey participated in an online training organized by the IFHV and VENRO and hosted under the umbrella of the academy for humanitarian action (aha). In a five-day training they jointly produced a 14-minute participatory video on the topic on what is means for humanitarian professionals to give a voice to the people. Remote Participatory Video enables professionals to get a deeper understanding of complex processes in humanitarian interventions. The training was facilitated by Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk. The group jointly presented their film during an online screening on the 18th November, 2021. The event was attended by 45 people, mostly from the organisations for which the participants are working. 

Videocast interview with Dirk R. Frans, expert water resource management and senior evaluator 

In November, 2021, a videocast interview was done with Dirk R. Frans. He is an expert water resource management and senior evaluator. He applies his expertise in countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, where water resource management and landscape restoration and preservation plays an important role. Dirk shares his experiences on how the training Video for Monitoring and evaluation helped him to improve the quality of his work. He shares some interesting examples on where photography and video made a huge difference in the evaluation and the decision making of improving the service delivery of NGOs, private and public service providers to communities.

Videocast interview with Lucia Nass, expert social accountability and local governance 

In October, 2021, a videocast interview was done with Lucia Nass, expert social accountability. She was coordinator capacity building at the Ethiopian Social Accountability Program between 2013 and 2019. This programme took place all over Ethiopia and involved more than 100 communities. She guided and managed the participatory video interventions that took place in this programme. The participatory video interventions that took place visualized issues, changes and generated dialogue for change in communities.

Making of remote participatory video - listening to the voices of refugees

Between January – June, 2021 a participatory video intervention was conducted with refugees and humanitarian aid workers in Greece. This video shows the process, experiences with the process on how the voice was given to refugees on how they experience the life in the refugee camps and on how they see their future. The process was facilitated through remote means by Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk.

Secret - Dance movie

In last week of August, 2021, we made with a wonderful team the dance/ poetry film Secret (5 minutes) at Kino Dynamique in Jena, Germany. The film tells the story about loss, mourning and acceptance. The film has been submitted to a number of festivals.

In the mid of August, 2021 together with a wonderful crew, we produced a second drama film at Kino Leipzig. Revenge is a comedy telling the story about three people, who are cheating each other in their relationships. Revenge has a price, which becomes comes clear if the story gets unfolded.

Mystery of the disappeared farmer's wife

In the mid of August, 2021, I participated at Kino Datsche in Leipzig, Germany. I had the opportunity to produce together with a wonderful crew a drama film in documentary style. Mystery of the disappeared farmer’s wife tells the story about the disappearance of Alena from a farm. Three children, the brother-in-law and Alena’s sister are looking back on what happenend in the last 33 years. In September, 2021, the film was selected and screened at the 4th Multicultural Film Festival in Toronto.

Remote participatory video documenting stories on refugees in Greece

From January - June, 2021 a team of refugees and members from a local humanitarian organisation were going through a remote participatory video intervention. The main aim of the intervention was to listen to the voices of refugees in two refugee settlements in the North of Greece and to better understand their life situation on what is currently important in their lifes. The process was completed with an online projection on the 1st  July, 2021. The process was guided remotely by Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk.

During the first phase of the project participants have strengthened their video making skills, including research, story development, filming and editing. By the end of February, 2021 each team per settlement finalised a life story of a refugee. During the second phase working, two teams completed a participatory documentary, including space for the refugees to share their voices on issues which are important for them. The films were shared during an online projection on the 1st July, 2021. 

Online projection film 'Adapting to the Pandemic' by the participants of the training Remote Participatory Video

From 12 - 16 April, 2021 four participants working with NGOs or private companies, participated in the training Remote Participatory Video. The 5-day online training was conducted by Ralf Otto and Simon Koolwijk. As completion of the course, on the 6th May, 2021,  the 12-minute participatory video 'Adapting to the Pandemic' was shown and shared with an audience of 30 participants coming from the organisations, where the participants were working. During the 2-hour online session the benefits, learnings and possibilities were shared amongst the participants. 

Online exhibition Zozan Hamo's Road to Hope

In March, 2021 I facilitated and guided the online exposition of Zozan Hamo's Road to Hope. Zozan is a mother who had to flee the war in Syria and brought her children to safety. She made a number of beautiful and impressive painting of her journey. I also assisted in the editing of the short 4 minute video showing parts of the online exposition, Zozan's story and the dialogue.

Vibrations - Kino Terragonik
In February, 2021, I online produced the film 'Vibrations' with a team of actors and filmmakers coming from Spain and Switzerland. For a period of one week, we worked jointly online. Shooting took place in two local studios in Catalonia, Spain. This film shows 6 emotions/ state of minds of people going from distrust and anger towards the state of healing and love. The story is beautifully reflected by 5 actors.
Online facilitation of thematic webinars
Between April 2020 and March, 2021, Facili2transform facilitated more than 15 online workshops with the Nedworc Association on topics such as Basic Income, Covid-19, Economic and Geografic developments in Africa, Health, Environment and the Sustainable Development Goals. Facili2transform conducted 6 public webinars on remote participatory video.  
Making-of of remote participatory video about the impact of the Corona epidemic
On the 3rd September, 2020 the ‘ Making off of remote participatory video’ was shared at a joint online workshop of ReflACTION, a network that promotes community-led action during humanitarian crisis. During the online event, attended by 25 development professionals, it discussed on how human change stories can be gathered and used for dialogue in case people in remote areas can difficult be reached because of the epidemic. Watch the making off:
Short drama film about psychological domestic violence produced at Kino MMXX in Liège, Belgium
In September, 2020 a team of actors and film crew producers jointly produced the drama film ‘ Déconnecté’ at Kino MMXX in Liège, Belgium. The 7-minute short film shows a case of psychological domestic violence.
Short dance film – online produced at Kino Terragonik, Spain
In June, 2020, a dance film was jointly produced with a team of actors and film crew producers at Kino Terragonik in Spain. The dance film supported by poetry shows the story of Erotomania, a dysfunctional human behaviour.
Remote participatory video documenting stories on the impact of Covid-19 on refugees in Germany, Turkey and Uganda
In May and June, 2020 Simon Koolwijk conducted together with Ralf Otto a remote participatory video intervention with the ReflACTION network, Welthungerhilfe, Kulika and Handicap International. The aim of the remote participatory video intervention was to listen to stories of refugees in Germany, Turkey and Uganda on how the Covid-19 crisis impacted their lives. Through a process of applying video conference meetings, online tools, teams in the three countries were enabled to direct refugees to record and shoot stories at their locations. All relevant footage was compiled and discussed with the PV teams. Finally, three interesting documentaries were ready and shared at a joint online film festival. The three teams had an opportunity to present and share their films and experiences. 
In the coming months, the organisations based in Germany, Turkey and Uganda will plan to use the video for awareness raising and advocacy activities. Already some adaptations have been made in the service delivery of the organisations based on the collected stories and feedback from the refugees.
Workshop participatory video showing the future of work in 2055, 2090 and 2125
Together with Hans Broeks, I facilitated on the 3rd December, 2019 the workshop 'Participatory video' visualizing the future of work in 2055, 2090 and 2125. This workshop was part of the Art of agile network, which promotes the idea that art is inspiring for agile working.  Three short video stories were produced which we presented and exposed at a Museum with Art showing the future of work. At the start of the workshop, the film 'The computer of the future' was shown, which we jointly produced as part of a participatory process in the fall of 2019. At the end of the event, participants shared their insights and learnings on the earth globe. Read more about the process: Absolute beginners - a responsive creative approach - author Ronald Teeuw, https://artofagile.wixsite.com/artofagile/post/absolute-beginners-a-responsive-creative-approach 
Participatory video in South-Sudan - Crisis affected people reflecting on their role in the decision-making in humanitarian aid
In the whole month of October, 2019 I conducted a participatory video intervention in two communities in South Sudan. People shared their stories on how crisis-affected people are involved in decision making in the design, implementation and evaluation of humanitarian interventions.
The learning experiences were shared from 19 - 21 November 2019 at the Forum of Reflaction, a network that promotes locally led initiatives in crisis situations.
The participatory video intervention gained a lot of new insights and was very empowering for all the actors involved.
Participatory video to kick-off the dialogue about 'The future of work'
During the summer of 2019, professionals participating in the 'Art of Agile' network developed a script and a story about 'the Future of Work'. On the 27th September, 2019 a short film was shot about the 'Computer of the Future'. The story tells from the perspective of 1984, when people in a company look 35 years forward on how the future of 2019 will look like. This film formed the kick-off of the 'Art of Agile' meeting about 'The Future of Work', which was held on the 3rd December, 2019 where all participants contributed towards a joint piece of Art visualizing 'The Future of Work' in 2055, 2090 and 2125.

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Kick off facilitation strategic planning process with Sinek's Golden Circle
On the 13th November, 2018 I facilitated the Kick off of a strategic planning process with an international organisation working on environment and bio diversity. In this facilitation I worked with Sinek's Golden Circle to create consensus for its mission statement and unique added value.

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The empowering effect of participatory video!

I am very impressed with the empowering effect of participatory video on the community, government officials and service providers. In addition we started using video contents in our M & E system of our organization and the videos helped us to measure service improvement through implementation of Social Accountability. Tigest Tewabe, Project coordinator, JECCDO