Better process and results


Mid-term review social accountability in Sierra Leone and evaluation humanitarian response program in Nigeria
Between February and April, 2019, I conducted two evaluations in Western Africa. The first one was a mid-term review (MTR) assessing the Theory of Change (ToC) of a Social Accountability and Building Inclusion program taking place nationwide in Sierra Leone. This program aims to improve the quality of public service provision (health, education and water supply) by involving citizens. During the evaluation more than 200 actors were interviewed about the progress of the project. Finally, the mid-term review was finalized with a national meeting, involving all key stakeholders representing local, district and national level. Two videos composed of stories of change and areas for improvement, captured and shot during the MTR, were shown for discussion. Finally findings were shared, discussed and compiled to conclusions and recommendations at a final team review meeting.

This MTR was followed by an evaluation of a humanitarian response program in the north-east of Nigeria. There the impact and results were assessed of an ‘unconditional cash program’ and an intervention preventing the malnourishment of children. Both interventions aimed to help marginalized groups and internally displace people(IDPs), who had suffered from food shortages and civil war in the north-east of Nigeria. The evaluation was finalized with a team briefing, where jointly conclusions and recommendations were formulated with the key implementing local organisations. Facili2transform is committed to further implement similar evaluations in 2019 and 2020.
Videomaking for monitoring and evaluation - 7th and 8th February, 2019
On the 7th and 8th February, 2019 two monitoring and evaluation experts participated at the 2-day training ‘Videomaking for monitoring and evaluation’ held at Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands.  In two days they gained knowledge on how to apply video for monitoring and evaluation, camera techniques and the characteristics of a good video, which was followed by a lot of practice on story development, filming and editing. At the end of the training the M & E experts showed and shared a short video production, based on two practical case studies, which they had developed during the training.
Are you interested in this training, the next one will be held on 24 - 25 October, 2019.  Read more at 'Videomaking for M & E'

Participatory video and the win-win of diversity and inclusion - January, 2019

At the event 'Being Human in Agile Times' organised by Capgemini - Agile on the Fly on the 21st January, 2019 Saskia Ivens and I conducted a workshop about the Win-Win of Diversity and Inclusivity in an agile working context. With a group of 10 participants we discussed 'Change Management issues - challenges, opportunities and solutions - for gender, diversity and inclusivity by using participatory video. We had some very interesting eye openers about the added value of working in diverse and inclusive teams.


Video for monitoring and evaluation - October, 2018

From 25th - 26th October, 2018 Facili2transform (Simon Koolwijk) conducted the training Video for Monitoring and Evaluation. During the training participants gained skills on how to apply video for the monitoring and evaluation of projects.  Watch the video with impressions from participants and the trainer Simon Koolwijk. The video is a joint production of both participants and the trainer. Watch:

If you are interested in a training on Video for Monitoring and Evaluation, please consult the website of Facili2transform.  Website:  https://www.facili.nl/

Video production Kick off Multi stakeholder process on improving biodiversity in Poland (BIOGOV project)

Promuje Lodzkie, one of the project partners in the BIOGOV project which promotes bio-diversity in 8 European countries, produced in October 2018  a video of their first regional stakeholder group meeting. The participants had a chance to share their opinion on their role and possible contribution to the BIOGOV project as well as their diverse perspectives on regional biodiversity. During the meeting participants used techniques proposed by European project leader. First one called “Rich Picture” – which is some kind of picture, some kind of poster. This method involves stakeholders working together to draw a picture with their input on the project. During the meeting participants proposed to promote traditional fruit en horticultural practices, since this increases bio-diversity in the ecological system.  Watch the video;
Project staff from the Promuje Lodzkie and BIOGOV partner were trained in participatory video by Facili2transform in July, 2018 and this is one of their first video productions enabling to visualize the multi-stakeholder process contributing to improved biodiversity in the region.
Facilitating talent and diversity

On the 26th November, 2018 I facilitated a workshop about Talent and Talent development for a big engineers firm. During the workshop the diversity of talent was linked to job function development and arising work opportunities.




Kick off facilitation strategic planning process with Sinek's Golden Circle

On the 13th November, 2018 I facilitated the Kick off of a strategic planning process with an international organisation working on environment and bio diversity. In this facilitation I worked with Sinek's Golden Circle to create consensus for its mission statement and unique added value.




Videomaking for monitoring and evaluation – 25th and 26th October, 2018
On the 25th and 26th October, 2018 three monitoring and evaluation experts participated at the 2-day training ‘Videomaking for monitoring and evaluation’ held at Kontakt der Kontinenten in Soesterberg, The Netherlands.  In two days they gained knowledge on how to apply video for monitoring and evaluation, camera techniques and the characteristics of a good video, which was followed by a lot of practice on story development, filming and editing. At the end of the training the M & E experts showed and shared a short video production which they had developed during the training. 

Kino Paris - The Green Washing Machine

From 21 - 29 September, 2018 I participated in Kino Paris and produced together with a Swiss, French and Russian actor the short movie 'The Green Washing Machine'  The short films addresses the commitment of our leaders, if they really care and take responsibility in caring for the environment, but it also addresses people's own responsibility in caring for the environment.  Are we really serious in stopping the degradation of the environment?   Watch the film:

Documentary - Win by diversity

From 1st – 8th September, 2018 I participated at Kino Berlino, which is part of the Kino Kabaret movement. There I produced with my crew a touching and engaging documentary about diversity and inclusivity.  In this documentary ‘Win by diversity’  five Kino Kabaret film directors and artists coming from five different countries and three different continents share their perspectives on diversity.  What was their first intercultural experience?  What were challenges in intercultural cooperation?  And how have they gained from diversity.  The documentary gives an insight in the feelings, dilemma’s and opportunities of working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Watch the trailer;

The  objective of this 8 minute film is to open up discussion with NGOs and companies to raise awareness and understanding about the dilemma’s, opportunities and benefits of working in diverse teams.

Portraying Heroes – A documentary about gender roles in films
From 27th July – 4th August, 2018 I made with Frederice Klinge a documentary about gender roles in films.  During the Cinema Sumeet in Cologne - Germany, one of the Kino Kabaret events, I interviewed 6 film directors from 4 different countries on how they portrait gender in their films and which choices they make in selecting their characters. Finally, I produced a film of 10 minutes, called ‘Portraying Heroes’.   Watch the trailer: 

If you are interested to screen the 10 – minute documentary for discussion about gender roles in our stories,  contact Simon Koolwijk,  e-mail.   faccom@xs4all.nl

Two short fiction films about gender equality
In May and June, 2018 I produced with a passioned crew two films, that discuss gender equality in the working environment.  ‘An Equal Deal’, which was produced at the Hamburger Kino,  shows the dynamics and interactions, that take place when performance evaluations and salary negotiations take place.  ‘Paralyzed’ shows the misunderstanding and fear about the term ‘gender equality’ within the multinational company environment.    

‘An Equal Deal’

Florence Jones is asking for a salary increase in her company for an outstanding performance. However, she is hindered by obstacles in a male dominated company. The case becomes painful, when Peter Dykes, a junior salesmen who is not performing well, asks for a salary increase. Harry Hotchair, the Sales Director, played by Sam Twyman, shows a character that resembles a hard, tough negotiator who could work in a today's multinational company. Actress Stéphanie Reist shows the dilemma’s that women are facing today in company cultures that are still male dominated. The film addresses the still existing challenges on diversity and inclusivity that men and women are facing in companies, which still remain to exist after the #Metoo debate in 2017. Director of Photography - Georg-Maria Prock.  Watch trailer;

When Brian Kabaret is preparing a film about Gender Equality, he is confronted with the bureaucracy of the International company KSI, that rents spaces for meetings and shooting films. Although Brian’s film is according to the rules agreement, Patrick Sandstone, the receptionist doubts whether the request can be approved since he feels it is a sensitive topic for the multinational company. Brian is forced to be kept waiting in a company, which does not seem able to decide about a topic that might affect their reputation. Is gender really still a political issue? On the other hand, Paul's idealism is challenged. Is he not too naive? Does he have a too simple image of a world, that is much more complex? Are his assumptions valid? The film shows a case, where characters might have the same ideals and have sympathy for each other, but are paralyzed by the situation and the environment in which they are operating. Director of Photography: Fred Delsemme.  Watch the trailer: 
Do you have an interest to show one of these films for discussion about gender equality, contact Simon Koolwijk,  e-mail.   faccom@xs4all.nl

The Tour of 12 Provinces, The Netherlands,  432 km in one day
In July 2018 around 80 cyclists cyled the Tour of 12 Provinces in The Netherlands. From 0.00 hrs at night, the cyclists travelled 432 kilometers through 12 Provinces of The Netherlands. 

Read more about this cycling tour which is organized annualy at  http://rondevan12.nl/
Together with  Leonie van den Schoor and Vida Skornsek we filmed this one day tour. Watch:


Participatory video baseline assessment for biodiversity in Europe
From 2 – 6 July, 2018  a participatory video intervention was conducted for the BIOGOV - Interreg Europe project. The PV intervention was a baseline assessment about the decline of the meadow bird population in Fryslan and on how to take measures to stop the decline and improve the biodiversity. Professionals in communication and  nature conservation experts interviewed  stakeholders on biodiversity in the Province of Fryslan, The Netherlands.

This pv trajectory is part of a project that takes place in 8 European countries, aiming to improve the biodiversity by bringing stakeholders together to work on sustainable nature conservation. Participatory video focuses on increasing awareness, supporting the learning process and  making the problem, the change and the actors involved in the process visible

Storytelling by film at Hamburger Kino

You can tell fantatistic stories with poetry, film and dance in one movie. Angels of Hamburg is such a production which I produced with Solomia Kushnir, Javid Ananda Wunsch and Sam Twyman at Hamburger Kino which was held from 25 May - 2 June, 2018. Watch the 3 minute dance, Angels of Hamburg

Making films at Kino Budapest
From 19 – 28 April, 2018 I participated at Kino Budapest. There I directed the production of the film ‘Cat Hunting’.  The story deals about an Animal lobbyist/ activist who turns into an animal criminal, when a cat slips unexpectedly into his house,  just before he goes to the airport. I also was Director of Photography and Camera man for the film ‘Lobster’ (a crime story about the last living lobster in Budapest)  and ‘Joint Smoking’,  a story about a civil servant who struggles his way through on how to smoke a joint in the first time of his life.     See some impressions of my work at the photo below;

Kino Budapest is part of Kino Kabaret, a movement which promotes the production of short films with low budgets.

Production short film ‘Unfortunate coincidence’ in Caen, France

When Thierry is preparing to leave in a far foreign country for home, he finds his landlady unconscious at the toilet. The panic, despair and fear that overwhelmed Thierry, I translated into a short 7-minute fiction film with a French cast and crew. Watch the story ‘Unfortunate coincidence’ (‘Malheureuse coïncidence’): 

If your organisation or project would like to capture and vizualise extraordinary theme’s or stories through a short film or documentary for dialogue or accelerating change in the organisation, feel free to contact us at e-mail.  faccom@xs4all.nl

Quicky – The return of the Bulgarian umbrella,  Caen, France
From 16 – 23 March, 2018 I participated at the Kino Kabaret in Caen, France. The Kino Kabaret is a movement which brings filmmakers, technicians and actors together to make experimental short movies, which touch and cross borders of the imagination.  At this Kino Kabaret, I had the honour to work with a French cast and crew. In one week I was able to produce at 7 – minute film ‘Malheureuse coïncidence’ and a Quicky – Le retour de parapluie Bulgare. The last movie is an one minute story showing the return of the mysterious murder with the Bulgarian umbrella, which was used in the eighties of the last century during the cold war. The story became actual again since the cold war stories about spies and mysterious murders have been revived in the spring of 2018.   Watch the short film:   Le retour de parapluie bulgare. 

Say no to ‘No Billag’  - Kino Geneva
In January 2018 I was camera man and Director of Photography for the short film Qui Pro Quo, which was directed by Gérald Grauer. This short film tells a story about a gigolo and a plomber, who get mistaken by visiting the wrong address of their client. The film shows the funny misunderstandings. With this film Gérald would like to address, that the benefits of abolishing the tv contribution, that Swiss citizens pay monthly, will be contradictory. It will finally affect the Swiss cultural sector and endanger the development of young Swiss artists.  The referendum for the ‘No Billag’ will be held on the 4th March, 2018 in Switzerland. Watch the movie at: 

Participate in experiment Digital storytelling vizualising results citizen's participation for dialogue during local elections

By digital storytelling citizens, civil society organisations, local community groups and local government institutions and other parties are enabled to vizualize successes and achievements of citizen's initiatives by video and short films directed by themselves. In the process of digital storytelling the citizens become the filmdirectors telling and sharing their own stories of change.  With the upcoming local elections held in The Netherlands on the 21st March, 2018, this experiment will provide an excellent opportunity to show achievements and successes but also areas for improvement for dialogue and debate. This approach will contribute towards more awareness, empowerment and help to build bridges of different stakeholders in the development of communities.

The digital storytelling experiment contributes towards:
• Strengthening and building trust and increased awareness and joint ownership amongst stakeholders, that are involved in the local development of the community;
• Building partnerships between citizens, civil society organisations and local government institutions in evaluating and looking forward towards their own development;
• Bridging the gap and increase understanding between citizens and political parties and the political system;
• Developing local creative talent in the municipality in vizualising changes by video stories and short films. 

We are looking for citizen's initiatives, civil society organisations and/ or local government institutions who have participated in a community development project during the last couple of months or years and who would like to vizualize their results and achievements and want to use if for dialogue and debate during the upcoming elections.    Download the flyer "Participate in experiment digital storytelling' 

Are you interested, please contact Simon Koolwijk.  e-mail.  faccom@xs4all.nl,  or telno. +31 (0)24 350 44 37  or +31 (0)6 106 24 575

Kino Kabaret in Geneva, Switzerland
From 13 – 26 January, 2018 I participated in the Kino Kabaret in Geneva, Switzerland. The Kino Kabaret is a movement where filmmakers, actors/ comedians, camera and sound operators, musicians, décor makers  and make over specialists come together to jointly make short films. I had the opportunity to work on 2 four minute films and 2 short one minute films.  On the final day I produced with Robin Derek and Olivier Guibert a short film for the campaign ‘Dit non a no billag’.  This campaign discusses if the Swiss population should vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the upcoming referendum in early March for continuing or stopping the fee Swiss people monthly pay for the public television and the cultural sector.  Part of this fee is paid to support the Swiss cultural sector and upcoming artists to make films, theatre production and have local documentaries made.  The ‘Yes’ voters are most coming from the extreme right wing parties, Bankers and populists.  The ‘No’ voters are most represented by the cultural sector.  This short one minute movie is a parodie on how some powerful forces might influence the referendum.  Watch;  

Nedworc Newyear’s Network day
On the 4th January, 2018  the Nedworc Association organised its Newyear’s Network day.  Nedworc is an association representing the interests of experts in international development and enabling them to stay up to date with their profession. At this Network day, the members participated in workshops to deepen and broaden their knowledge about important and relevant issues in international development. This day was also an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting colleagues. Watch impressions of this day at:  

Debate Migration and Development
On the 4th January, 2018 the Nedworc Association organisated a New Year's Networking day and organised a debate about Migration and Development. The key note speakers, experts in migration issues, Jeroen Corduwener and Kiza Magendane provided the audience with interesting insights about migration issues. It made the discussion interesting and engaging. I had the opportunity to film this evening. Watch the 4 minute video with highlights with impressions and quotes. 

Vlogging for the ‘Magic Fountain’
Youngsters participating in the project Vakkanjers Pioneers participated on the 7th November, 2017 in the workshop Vlogging. This training was a kick off. In the coming months they will broadcast short vlogs on the progress they are making, while working on the construction of a 'Magic Fountain' and an Information Panel that will manage a surplus on rain water. This project is promoting technical skills for youth and it supports the Dutch Union of Watercouncils to gain new ideas on how to deal with extreme flooding conditions in the future due to climate change.

Vakkanjers Pioneers keep on Vlogging
On the 31st October, 2017 I conducted another workshop on Vlogging and Videomaking for students from Polytechnics coming from the East and the North of the Netherlands. Vlogging is an excellent way to help the students to visualize the results of their project and to help to develop their confidence in doing a project together. This project hosted by Vakkanjers Pioneers and the Union of Dutch Water Municipalities aims to promote the education in technical skills and to promote youngsters to choose for a technical study in the future. The project will last until March 2018 and will be finalized with a national final of the best performing team, who constructed a ‘Magic Fountain’ that will regulate the waterflow.

Workshop Vlogging and Videomaking for students at Polytechnics

On the 26th October, 2017 I conducted a workshop vlogging and videomaking with students from Polytechnics in the south of The Netherlands. The training is part of the project organised by Vakkanjers Pioneers, where the students work and develop their 21st century skills. This year the Union of Water Councils is the client, who has requested the students to come up with new inventions on how to manage water overflow. The students will apply vlogging as a tool for follow ups on their technical design project of a magic fountain and information panel.  Photos Rick Thijssen

Kino Kabaret in Munich

From 8 – 17 September, 2017 I participated at Kino Kabaret KinoM in Munich, Germany. Kino Kabaret is an event, where filmmakers, producers, actors, camera, sound, light and décor professionals come together to make short movies. This they do in rounds of 48 – 60 hours. Kino Kabaret is not a competition. It is about solidarity and supporting each other. Mostly actors and camera operators participate in different movies.
In three rounds I was involved in the production of four movies, from which two I wrote the script and directed the movie. Below see the crew of the movie ‘Eine Schlange mit Krawatte’.  This movie has been posted at my vimeo channel, https://vimeo.com/simonkoolwijk

I supported two Directors with the production of their movies with camera work and editing. The film ‘Identität!?’ deals with a person who is struggling with his identity and is eating his passport. This movie will be shown later this year in Germany at a short film festival with the theme ‘Identity’. The script of this film was written by Achim Sonntag. He also directed and acted in this movie.
With Laslo Palfy, we created the movie ‘Falsch oder Richtig’.  This movie having the theme ‘Fake news’ shows two different people, coming from a rich and a poor background. The movie shows that they have  total different perspective on the world and their surroundings. Also this movie can be seen at my Vimeo channel, https://vimeo.com/simonkoolwijk 
The second film I directed is a Quicky.  This is a short movie of not more than 2 minutes. Mostly these type of movies have a comic character.  Watch ‘Evil Banana’ below.

 Kinodynamique in Vienna

From 14th up to 21st August, 2017 I participated in the Kinokaberet of Kinodynamique in Vienna, Austria. During this week  around 50 filmmakers and actors came together to make short movies. I participated in four movie productions.  For three I did cinematography and for two the editing. Watch the short film Release for which I did the camera. The story is about loss and the process of going through the sadness.  Watch;

Finally, I directed with my team the movie ‘Harmony on Holidays’.  The film deals about a couple, where the harmony in their relationship is challenged during a holiday in Vienna.  Below a photo of one of the takes during the filming.

Festival on the Island - Cultural Festival

From 15th – 21st July, 2017 I was involved in capturing video shots for the production of after movies of one minute, capturing the impressions of each day of the ‘Festival on the Island’ held at the ‘Vierdaagse Feesten’ Festivals in Nijmegen. Videos were produced by a team of passionate videomakers from Nijmegen. Watch some of the videos at https://www.facebook.com/opheteiland

Producing and sharing a video story in one day as part of the teambuilding process!
On the 13th June,  2017 the team of EEAS came together to address 3 key issues in the team by producing and sharing video stories for discussion. The day was facilitated by Jeffer London and Simon Koolwijk, who guided the team to produce 3 short films of 2 minutes each. Participants got acquainted with the basic principles of filmmaking, developed their scripts, filmed, prepared announcement posters and edited it to a final product.  The process created fun and helped to discover hidden talents and to know each other on a different way.  Download the flyer of this one-day workshop 'Filming our team story'

Winners Participatory video Awards Ethiopian Social Accountability Program

In March, 2017 the Ethiopian Social Accountability Program organized the finals of the participatory video (PV)  award competition for organisations who applied PV for social accountability purposes in 2016. The participatory video interventions were applied to evaluate the progress and the sustainability of the social accountability process. This process enabled stakeholders to share their successes and build their confidence in the implementation of this process. The competition was won by LIA in the Intermediate category and YMCD in the A category.  The most creative video was produced by pv intervention of the the Guraghe Development Association.  All organisations were trained and guided between 2013 and 2015 by Facili2transform to obtain the skills in participatory video.  It was already the third time, the ESAP2 organised this competition since the trainings started in 2013. This time Facili2transform was participating as member of the jury in giving feedback for learning purposes to the participating organisations.   Watch both videos of LIA and the Guraghe Development Association.

Impressions Annual Gathering Nedworc Association
On the 17th May, 2017 the Nedworc Association, a network organisation for professionals working in development, organised their annual gathering. Members shared their impressions about the added value of Nedworc and the highlights of the gathering. Watch video:

Taster Workshops at the Nedworc Annual gathering
The Nedworc Association, a network organisation for professionals in development cooperation, organized on the 17th May, 2017 at their Annual gathering  a round of taster workshops to stay updated with new developments in International Development Cooperation. Watch the video to see the impressions and views of that meeting. The video was filmed and produced by Simon Koolwijk. Watch:

Organisational evaluation
The Centre for Collective Learning (Ccola) held their annual organisational evaluation meeting on the 13th May, 2017.  Members from the organisation shared personal and organizational stories as a means for learning. The video shows impressions from this one day meeting aimed to further develop the capacities of the organisation. Watch;

Students from Mondial College present their video and win regional competition with the construction of their rescue unit
Students from the Mondial College, a technical polytechnic, won on Friday 17th March, 2017 the regional  competition for the construction of a rescue unit which was presented to the Red Cross Society. The competition is organized by Vakkanjers Pioneers, an organisation that promotes technical studies in The Netherlands. The regional final was held in Eindhoven. Amongst others, the students from the Mondial College Nijmegen were the most creative and innovative in making a rescue unit for helping injured people, who need care, at events. The students also presented their participatory video, which they developed during the last 2 months under guidance of Simon Koolwijk. Simon has now documented all his experiences and the procedures for self learning on how to make a video in an instructional hand out. Next year students, who will participate in the Vakkanjer Pioneer competition will use this handout for making videos that will show the construction of their technical projects. On the 15th June, 2017 the students from the Mondial College participated in the national finals. Watch the photo of the winning team from the Mondial College, Nijmegen.

Video report as a means for follow-up in organisational development
On the 16th March, 2017 Jeffer London and Mara Garafalo conducted an ‘Organisational Development’ Teambuilding day ‘Becoming’ for the Directorate of Sante B at the European Union in Brussels. Impressions and results from this meeting were recorded by video and compiled to a video of 8 minutes by Simon Koolwijk. This video report will be used as a means for communication for follow-up meetings in the organizational development process of the organisation. Video reports show to be more powerful in the change process, since written reports less and less read in change processes.  See the group photo of the Department of Sante B.

Build Bridges not Walls
On World Speech Day, 15th March, 2017  facilitators came together in Brussels to share stories about the theme ‘Build Bridges not Walls’. The event was hosted, organized and facilitated by Jeffer London having participants from the Toast Masters and the International Association of Facilitators to join the world wide initiative of World Speech Day by giving people the opportunity to have their voice heard. Simon Koolwijk was asked to record this event by video and to develop a joint story with the participants. Within 7 hours, including facilitation and editing, the video was completed. Watch the video;

Assessment on Waste Management in Guinee, Africa
Ccola, an organisation promoting collective learning and action, conducted in November, 2016 an assessment on the current practices on waste management in Guinee, Africa. Joseph Seh, one of the members of the assessment team conducted video interviews with the key stakeholders on waste management in the capital Conakry.  Simon Koolwijk did the editing. The goal of the assessment was to identify the current practices and challenges on waste management and particular in the health sector. AGDS, an organisation that is managing a hospital is one of the key partners in the project, that is aiming to improve their waste management system at the hospital.  Watch the 20-minute video showing the current practices on waste management.  The video was used as part of a training for mobilizing key stakeholders to develop infrastructure and improved practices on waste management in Conakry, Guinee

Political debate at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht – video as support for the dialogue
On the 8th March, 2017 students from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht organized a city debate to discuss with politicians from 4 important political parties on how the government should deal with social security issues and the loan system for students. The debate was part of the election campaign for the forthcoming National elections, which take place on the 15th March, 2017 in the Netherlands.


This project was supported and guided by Marco van Stralen, lecturer and teacher at the University.  Simon Koolwijk guided the students in developing video interviews, that were used for dialogue during the debate.  The students shared personal verbal stories and video interviews from experts on social security and student issues. The debate was attended by 150 students and teachers from the college and university of applied sciences.  The personal stories and the videos contributed to a lively debate, that was led and facilitated by Jan Roelfs, who is sports commentator with the National Broadcasting company.

Students in the process of completing their videos

Students from the Mondial college in Nijmegen are in the process of completing their videos for the Vakkanjer Pioneer competition.  A first draft video with the stages of the construction of the mobile emergency aid unit has been completed. On the 16th February, 2017 the students completed a video with Bloopers.  Watch the photo below with the final stage of the editing;

Students are filming the construction of a medical unit

Students from the Mondial Polytechnic in Nijmegen made videos on the 25th and 26th January, 2017 to document the development process of a medical unit. This medical unit will be a mobile vehicle, that will be used for events to help people to be nursed for small injuries. The mobile vehicle will be ready by the beginning of March, 2017 and will be presented with the video at a regional competition. The process of videomaking is guided and coached by Simon Koolwijk as part of the Vakkanjers Pioneer competition. Experiences from this process will be documented in a handout to be used for a next year competition in The Netherlands.

Kick off new communication strategy of Nedworc Association

On the 5th January, 2017 the new communication plan for Nedworc was presented at the New Years Meeting. In the coming months the Nedworc communication team will share more visuals  and stories about their activities and her members on how experts from Nedworc can make a difference and provide added value in international development projects.  Simon Koolwijk is member of the communication team of Nedworc Association, a network of development professionals in international development.

Videos for the MOOC ‘Help there is a knowmad in my organisation!’
Early December 2016 Simon Koolwijk filmed and developed teaser videos for the Massive Online Course ‘Help there is a knowmad in my organisation!’  Knodmads are highly motivated professionals who are eager to learn new things through social media and internet. This online training course will be conducted by En Nu Online and takes place from 16th – 27th January, 2017. Watch one of the teaser videos

Students are filming the development of a mobile emergency aid unit to enable care for people with small injuries
On the 15th December, 2016 we did practicals in filmmaking with students at the polytechnic for technical sciences in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The students are developing a health support unit to support people with small injuries at events. The students are making small movies about the development of the unit. The films will be ready by the end of February, 2017. This project is organized by Vakkanjers Pioneers in order to promote technical studies under young people. The best emergency aid units will be presented to the Red Cross at the regional and national finals of the Vakkanjers Pioneers.

Students from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht,  Social Work have started practicals fro making a short movie about a social theme for dialogue

Students from the University of applied sciences in social work, HU Utrecht, conducted practicals in filming on the 13th December, 2016. With the guidance of Marco van Stralen, university teacher and Simon Koolwijk, expert video storytelling, the students will develop a short film in the spring of 2017, that will be used for dialogue and awareness raising on an important social issue for further debate with stakeholders. The serie of workshops will continue in early 2017.

 Filming for MOOC 'Help there is a knowmad in my organisation?'

On the 1st December, 2016 Simon Koolwijk interviewed 5 people to make short videos for the MOOC 'Help, there is a knowmad in my organisation?'  The MOOC deals about how social technologies influence the way how we learn today.  The MOOC is facilicated by Joitske Hulsebosch, François Walgering and Sibrenne Wagenaar (on photo).

 Workshop about social peculiarities - IAF Netherlands Visual Facilitation

Together with Rens Frommé and Anke Welten, I conducted and facilitated on the 25th November, 2016  a workshop about social peculiarities and on how it can influence the group dynamics and results. The meeting was attended by 16 colleague facilitators who are members of the IAF Netherlands Visual Facilitation group. The workshop was entertaining and generated some useful insights.  Social peculiarities are one of the key themes in the short movies I produce.


From 20th - 30th October, 2016 Simon Koolwijk participated in KinoBerlino.  This event is part of the series of KinoKaberet, who organises workshops and opportunities for filmmakers, camera men and women and actors to make their own films with a zero budget. Simon Koolwijk was able to create two movies with two different crews;


Dämonen im Kopf

Simon will submit one of the films to an international festival of short films.

Part of the crew, who filmed  and participated in 'Dämonen im Kopf'

Bookpresentation Learning in times of Apps, Tweets and Likes

On the 13th October, 2016 Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar from En Nu Online presented their new book 'Learning in times of Apps, Tweets and Likes'.  Simon Koolwijk filmed this event and composed a short video. Watch;

Watch more news about Facili2transform in the Newsarchive

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Debate Migration and Development

On the 4th January, 2018 the Nedworc Association organisated a New Year's Networking day and organised a debate about Migration and Development. The key note speakers, experts in migration issues, Jeroen Corduwener and Kiza Magendane provided the audience with ineresting insights about migration issues. It made the discussion interesting and engaging. I had the opportunity to film this evening. Watch the 4 minute video with highlights with impressions and quotes.  

Read more news in news archive

Reference Quote

Stories have impact!

Student drop out rates declined, teachers behaviour became more disciplined, students became more responsible and student rates increased dramatically at the Debre Work Junior School, Ethiopia, due to the social accountability process. Because this story was recorded and told through a participatory video making process and presented at a stakeholder dialogue meeting, the dialogue that followed made the government to decide to avail substantial budgets and support for other schools in the region to implement the social accountability process.