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Order sticky wall / Price 99.50 Euro per sticky wall (including VAT) The sticky wall is a helpful tool for facilitation. You can use this for moving flipcharts and cards during workshops. The benefit of using the sticky wall over convential masking tape is that the participants cards can be removed and adhered over and over again without risk of damaging the card or losing it’s ‘stickability’. In case you buy the sticky wall, you will find that is has not yet been sprayed. We recommend 3M’s Artist’s Spray Mount (available in most office and art supply stores) to coat your sticky wall.

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After you have clicked on the order instructions, you will receive a confirmation later this week from Simon Koolwijk, Facili2transform, with the total amount and the bank accountnumber to which you can transfer the payment. After the amount has been received, you will receive your order. Cost of postage will be added on the total bill.

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After you have clicked on the order instructions, you will receive an e-mail with the total amount of the order. We will also indicate on which day and time you can pick up the order. In case these times are not convenient, we will get in touch to arrange a proper date and time for you to pick up the order. After cash payment at our office, you will receive the order.


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Increased safety and attention for girls helped to raise their school results!

During a midterm evaluation at schools in Ethiopia girls expressed at video that they felt more safe at their schools after the school constructed seperate toilets for the girls as part of the social accountability process. Their school rates improved due to the increased safety and the attention for the girls. When this video was watched and shared at the community dialogue, it raised awareness with the stakeholders that safety is an important condition for learning."