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Facilitating Participatory Video

The participatory video process

Following a five-minute video that shows the process of participatory video




 Example of a participatory video

Following a 10-minute video about a PV intervention, that evaluated the benefits of a social accountability process in health service delivery in Matehare, Ethiopia

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Participatory video on water service delivery in South Sudan

Facili2transform conducted a number of participatory video trainings in South Sudan. With VNG -International, water inspectors were trained to discuss water and sanitation issues with the relevant stakeholders in the WASH programme.

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Reference Quote

The empowering effect of participatory video!

I am very impressed with the empowering effect of participatory video on the community, government officials and service providers. In addition we started using video contents in our M & E system of our organization and the videos helped us to measure service improvement through implementation of Social Accountability. Tigest Tewabe, Project coordinator, JECCDO