(Online) Facilitation

Facili in Latin means to make things easier.  The aim of facilitation is to improve the dialogue, communication, understanding and cooperation amongst people in groups.  To enable a better process and results, Simon plays the role as facilitator. He has more than 20 years experience in facilitation and has worked in more than 20 countries, mainly in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Simon’s added value in this process is his international experience and knowledge of diversity and intercultural contexts. Simon is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators
 Simon is an International expert and Certified Professional Facilitator working both online and face-2-face in;
* Facilitation of dialogue and multi-stakeholder meetings
* Facilitation of strategic planning and project development
* Training of facilitators
* Train the Trainer in facilitation techniques
* Curriculum development of trainings
* Organisational assessment and capacity development
* Facilitation of communities of practise for learning and exchange
* Monitoring, evaluation and learning facilitator
Sectors:  Health care, Education, Agriculture and Value Chains, Business, Water & Sanitation, Social Infrastructure, Youth Development, Environment & Biodiversity, Civic engagement and Citizens participation.  Read more about Simon's clients and country experience
Watch this participatory video "Development of a Facilitative Approach" about the Client Value of Facilitation produced with facilitation support of Simon at the IAF Europe Conference in 2016.

Need for a facilitator?

If you are interested to organise a workshop or a strategic meeting and you need an international (online) experienced facilitator, get in touch >>> Contact or e-mail. faccom@xs4all.nl 



Kick off facilitation strategic planning process with Sinek's Golden Circle 

On the 13th November, 2018 I facilitated the Kick off of a strategic planning process with an international organisation working on environment and bio diversity. In this facilitation I worked with Sinek's Golden Circle to create consensus for its mission statement and unique added value.

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Reference Quote

Facilitation of participatory video as a kick-off of creating Art

We had such a great time and learning experience in exploring a responsive creative approach together with our ArtofAgile team. Your facilitation and guidance in participatory movie making played a key role in  our process of continuous storytelling and dialogue in a creative way. The short movie “Computer of the future” we produced, was not only a result of a participatoy storytelling process, the movie was also the starter of a new creative process in our Bijutsu Obeya.   Ronald Teeuw, coordinator ArtOfAgile network