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Training: From story to video

Facili2transform provides training and coaching to monitoring & evaluation experts and officers to build their capacities in applying video and digital storytelling skills for their job. Currently, there is an increasing demand from organisations and donors to show and share videos for dialogue and discussion. Therefore, Facili2transform would like to fulfill this need in enabling M & E experts to obtain this expertise for their work.

It takes 6 steps to master the skills of a video storyteller and how to use it for monitoring and evaluation; 

At the end of this training participants will have gained;

  • Knowledge and  skills on how to translate a story in a video;
  • Knowledge about good and less successful examples of videos;
  • Knowledge and information on how to use video for monitoring, evaluation and learning;
  • Knowledge and skills on how to develop a script or storyboard;
  • Tips and suggestions about shooting, basic camera techniques and sound;
  • Knowledge and skills about basic editing and how to develop a video story of 2 - 5 minutes.

After the training participants can make use of coaching in enabling them to build and further develop their capacities in applying video and digital storytelling for their work.

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Video production kick off Multi stakeholder process on improving bio diversity in Poland

Promuje Lodzkie, one of the project partners in the BIOGOV project which promotes bio-diversity in 8 European countries, produced in October 2018 a video of their first regional stakeholder group meeting. The participants had a chance to share their opinion on their role and possible contribution to the BIOGOV project as well as their diverse perspectives on regional biodiversity. During the meeting participants used techniques proposed by European project leader. First one called “Rich Picture” – which is some kind of picture, some kind of poster. This method involves stakeholders working together to draw a picture with their input on the project. During the meeting participants proposed to promote traditional fruit en horticultural practices, since this increases bio-diversity in the ecological system.  Watch the video;
Project staff from the Promuje Lodzkie and BIOGOV partner were trained in participatory video by Facili2transform in July, 2018 and this is one of their first video productions enabling to visualize the multi-stakeholder process contributing to improved biodiversity in the region.

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We are using video in our M & E system!

Simon started working with us to train grantees in participatory video. Amazingly, with the first training week participants produced 5 stakeholder videos of 5 minutes each, and had shared these in support of community dialogue about basic service improvements. We were all impressed with the empowering effect of participatory video. With Simon's recommendations, we have started using the video content in our M & E system (behavior change and service improvement results). Lucia Nass, Social Accountability Expert - Head Capacity Development and Training, Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP2)