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Facilitating Group visual storytelling

Download the flyer 'Filming our team story' 

This one-day workshop is an excellent opportunity to do teambuilding and strengthen the relationships in a team or group of stakeholders.  Download the flyer 'Filming our team story'


At the end of this one-day workshop, participants will have gained;

  • Deeper understanding about the issues, they have addressed;
  • Increased awareness and understanding of each other's talents and qualities in the team;
  • Produced a short video, which addresses the issues discussed, and which can be disseminated to broader audiences;
  • Gained new insights on how to communicate messages, through visual media;
  • Knowledge and skills on how to develop a video story.


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Workshop Vlogging and Videomaking for students at Polytechnics

On the 26th October, 2017 I conducted a workshop vlogging and videomaking with students from Polytechnics in the south of The Netherlands. The training is part of the project organised by Vakkanjers Pioneers, where the students work and develop their 21st century skills. This year the Union of Water Councils is the client, who has requested the students to come up with new inventions on how to manage water overflow. The students will apply vlogging as a tool for follow ups on their technical design project of a magic fountain and information panel.  Photos Rick Thijssen

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Reference Quote

Stories have impact!

Student drop out rates declined, teachers behaviour became more disciplined, students became more responsible and student rates increased dramatically at the Debre Work Junior School, Ethiopia, due to the social accountability process. Because this story was recorded and told through a participatory video making process and presented at a stakeholder dialogue meeting, the dialogue that followed made the government to decide to avail substantial budgets and support for other schools in the region to implement the social accountability process.