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Visual storytelling as strategy

Watch a video about the 'communication and documentation awards ceremony', where storytelling was applied for the monitoring & evaluation and communication strategy of the Ethiopian Social Accountability Program Phase 2. Facili2transform supported this storytelling competition with ideas and the assessments of the nominated stories.

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Impressions Annual Gathering Nedworc Association
On the 17th May, 2017 the Nedworc Association, a network organisation for professionals working in development, organised their annual gathering. Members shared their impressions about the added value of Nedworc and the highlights of the gathering. Watch video:

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The videos have helped to raise the national profile of our social accountability program!

The videos have also helped us to raise the national profile of our Social Accountability program, because Simon came up with the idea of an "Oscar" event for participatory video, which attracted national media interest. Next to supporting trainees in an online community, Simon has also supported our communications team with their social media strategy, which has contributed to regular postings on Facebook and over 4,000 likes so far. On top of it all Simon has an open, fun and flexible personality. We are keeping him on board for online support for some time to come! Lucia Nass, Social Accountability Expert - Head Capacity Development and Training at Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP2)