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Training in Facilitation & Facilitation Methods

Public Training Course

Course Basic Facilitation skills for a better process and result - Soesterberg, Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 December 2020
During this course participants learn skills to guide group discussions & workshops and how to deal with resistance in groups. Participants also receive background information about facilitation methods, process design and how to achieve a better process and achieve results.
Price: € 795, - (excluding VAT). Registration no later than 31st October, 2020.  Read more, download the brochure >>>>




Facili2transform also offers opportunities to organize in-house training courses in facilitation methods and skills.

Depending on the learning needs, participants will gain in  2 – 10 days;
- Basic skills in facilitation, including the Technology of Participation methods, e.o. brainstorming, group conversation and action planning techniques
- Knowledge and skills in Strategic Planning and project planning techniques, Theory of Change, Agile workshop techniques, scrumming and business canvas.
- Advanced skills in dealing with resistance, challenging situations, intercultural challenges and opportunities, managing diversity and organisational transformation;
- Expanding knowledge in creative brainstorm techniques, open space, world café, peer-to-peer learning techniques.

 Interest in a tailormade in-house training in facilitation?

 If you are interested to organize an in-house training in facilitation skills and methods, get in touch >>>> Contact 


Workshop participatory video showing the future of work in 2055, 2090 and 2125

Together with Hans Broeks, I facilitated on the 3rd December, 2019 the workshop 'Participatory video' visualizing the future of work in 2055, 2090 and 2125. This workshop was part of the Art of agile network, which promotes the idea that art is inspiring for agile working.  Three short video stories were produced which we presented and exposed at a Museum with Art showing the future of work. At the start of the workshop, the film 'The computer of the future' was shown, which we jointly produced as part of a participatory process in the fall of 2019. At the end of the event, participants shared their insights and learnings on the earth globe.

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Reference Quote

The videos have helped to raise the national profile of our social accountability program!

The videos have also helped us to raise the national profile of our Social Accountability program, because Simon came up with the idea of an "Oscar" event for participatory video, which attracted national media interest. Next to supporting trainees in an online community, Simon has also supported our communications team with their social media strategy, which has contributed to regular postings on Facebook and over 4,000 likes so far. On top of it all Simon has an open, fun and flexible personality. We are keeping him on board for online support for some time to come! Lucia Nass, Social Accountability Expert - Head Capacity Development and Training at Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP2)