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Simon Koolwijk is a facilitator and trainer guiding you to visualize stories leading towards social change and enhanced cooperation amongst partners.  Read >>>> About Simon Koolwijk


The sticky wall is a tool which you can use for facilitating workshops. The sticky wall is easy to use for moving papers en drawings, while facilitating. It is also easy to transport, if you carry it along in your facilitator toolbox.  If you like to order a sticky wall, go to our shop - sticky wall.

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Reference Quote

We felt equally treated in the process!

Our video gave us a platform to communicate on how we would like to improve the health service delivery in our town. Our video of 5 minutes, was equal to the video interview of the Mayor. We felt equally treated in the process. The video making process have given us the feeling that we can provide a major contribution in raising the quality of health service in our town.

Chair Lady, People Living with HIV, Metehare, Ethiopia